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Greek Fest 2023

My experience at Greek Fest was amazing. From the moment I walked through the entrance, I saw all Greek cultures and traditions. The lively music, beautiful decorations, and mouth-watering smells of delicious Greek food instantly told me that the Greek fest would be a wonderful place. I spent most of the time exploring the various vendor stalls, and smelling the delicious food. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy as the Greek music played. I even had the opportunity to learn about the Greek church. The highlight of my experience was witnessing beautiful paintings in the church, a traditional Greek church custom. The energy and enthusiasm of the crowd just showed how amazing it is, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of joy. Greek Fest was not only a wonderful place to be, but also, a place full of excitement. It is also a celebration of Greek heritage and community. I left the festival with a happy stomach, a heart filled with joy, and an experience I will never forget.

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Shuntell Murphy
Shuntell Murphy


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