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For this year,  my goal is to produce more music than I did last year. Last year, my personal journey on making music was moving a little slowly. So this year I will speed things up. 

 I started sleeping more at night to improve the production of my music for better ideas. Although this technique of  improving music production seems to work, I feel as though it is not moving fast enough for me.

So, I decided to play games before working on a music project. Studies show that playing games before working on an assignment improves creative brain thinking. I will use this strategy this year to help me improve my music production for this year 2024.


 Everyone is getting older where they think about their life plans and what they want to do in the future. Well, my plan is to become more interested in school and focusing more on my studies when I'm in class. Also, I will  continue listening to calm music so I will not get easily distracted. As time passes, you are growing up every second, meaning you should start thinking about a college you would like to attend and what you want to study. Focusing and paying more attention in school helps me be a better student in school and college.  Consider thinking about your career goals and what to do to achieve them. Also,  getting close to God is by taking the time to think. Therefore, Paying more attention in school and going to church will help me get closer to God and become a better student this year.


I would like to change my attitude. The reason I want to change my attitude is because by changing your attitude you can change your perspective about  life. Your attitude reflects the way you see the world and how you live in it. It affects every aspect of your life, your happiness, relationships, health, wellbeing and success. I will work hard this year to change my attitude so I can be more positive about life.

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