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Providing a Faith-Learning, Loving, and Caring Environment For Grades K4-8th

As a private Christian school, LWCC Kingdom Academy is dedicated to providing a purposeful Christ-centered education with spiritual and academic excellence, in an atmosphere of love, learning, and achievement. We are supported by a community of prayer and guidance preparing our students for a lifetime of learning and impacting their world with Biblical principles of the Kingdom of God.


Our KA Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff at LWCC Kingdom Academy creates a spiritual and academic environment that assist our students to discover and develop their unique gifts in serving God’s purpose and equipping them for life. We are called to make a difference in this world, training our students to become leaders and to become effective in their life’s purpose as a disciple of Christ. LWCC Kingdom Academy…a unique approach to Christian education with a real and true difference.

Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Honesty
  • Excellence

Dr. Levy H. Knox,
President & Visionary

Dr. Levy H. Knox is the founding Apostle and Overseer of Living Word Christian Center.  The ministry of LWCC began in 1985 with an unchanging vision to communicate and demonstrate the gospel of the Kingdom of God  in every sphere of life. 


Communicating and demonstrating the gospel of the Kingdom of God continues forth in the sphere of Education. In the fall of 1992, Bishop Knox became the founder and president of Living Word Christian Center Kingdom Academy with a vision to Train Tomorrow's Leaders to be Disciples of Christ.  He has instilled a commitment to education and the development of the whole child – spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Dr. Knox has an unwavering commitment to raise generation of leaders with Kingdom of God principles fulfilling the imperative of Proverbs 22:6. He is dedicated to the vision and charge as given to him by the Lord, “Christian Education is not an option, it’s a mandate.”  Dr. Knox has witnessed students come through the LWCC Kingdom Academy for over 31 years impacting generation after generation. He is highly esteemed by our students, as well as in the community,  and abroad. We are most honored to have our Visionary and Founder speak into the lives of the LWCCKA students during Chapel services and special impartation sessions. 


Pastor Delia Knox,
Administrative Liaison

At LWCC Kingdom Academy, we are dedicated to providing an excellent education that is centered around a Biblical worldview. Pastor Delia Knox is the Administrative Liaison of the LWCC Kingdom Academy and Pastor of Worship & Arts at Living Word Christian Center. She carries a passion to impart into the next generation as she carries the vision of LWCC to develop students who are spiritually, academically, and socially equipped to lead and make an impact in their communities. She strives to provide an atmosphere of faith and excellence for our students to grow and explore their passions.  

Pastor Delia Knox works relentlessy, "putting legs to the vision" of her husband, Founder & Visionary, Dr. Levy H. Knox.


Mrs. Voncile Banks,
Director of Operations

Mrs. Voncile Banks is the Director of Operations for the LWCC Kingdom Academy. Her passion for children and the Vision of LWCCKA has lead her to serve the Kingdom Academy since its inception. She is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can grow, learn and thrive.

Mrs. Banks has witnessed generation after generation come through the doors of the LWCC Kingdom Academy serving our students, families and staff with Kingdom of God principles. She has also witnessed students return as adults serving alongside her with the joy of knowing the seeds planted continue to sprout and give fruit.


Dr. Etta Byrd,
Educational Specialist

Dr. Etta Byrd serves as our Educational Specialist. Her passion and commitment to the success of students has led her to serve generations for over 37 years. She comes to us as a retired Assistant Superintendent of the public school system.  She helps the students achieve in areas academically, with an aggressive approach in not allowing students to fall behind.  Dr. Byrd does not hesitate in  getting involved in the acceleration of curriculum, cross correlating and assessing instruction to breaking down skill and content making it engaging with the student.  She is an invaluable asset with her expertise in so many aspects in the field of education.  She works closely with our educators providing Professional Development and bestowing best teaching practices with our team.  We are blessed to have her as part of our team!

Meet our KA A-We-Some Team

At LWCC Kingdom Academy, we take pride in our dedicated team of faculty and staff who work tirelessly to provide the best education and support for our students. Each member of our team is committed to our mission and values, and we strive to create a learning environment that inspires and motivates our students to reach their fullest potential. Our team of certified and qualified educators are passionate about their students' success, and we aim to provide a well-rounded education that prepares our students for a lifetime of learning and growth academically and spiritually.


Ms. Blake


Ms. Richardson

Grades 1 & 2


Mrs. Taylor

Grades 3-4


Ms. Hobdy


Ms. Hill


Ms. Kloosterman

Math & Foreign Cultures


Ms. Leggett



Ms. Washington

Music & Arts


Coach Ruggs

PE Coach


Ms. S. Rudolph

Support Staff


Mr. D. Sargent

Support Staff


Mother Rudolph

Support Staff


Mr. Miguel 

Support Staff

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