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Latest News and Events

Congratulations Class of 2024!
KA 8th Annual International Festival 
KA 8th Graders Serve as Pages at Alabama State Senate House & Capitol State House

We are super proud of our students who made presentations at the 8th Annual International Festival.  Students represented diverse countries with music, dance, customs along with delicious traditional foods from around the world!

We are proud to announce that our 8th grade students from LWCC Kingdom Academy had the incredible opportunity to visit the Alabama State Senate House, serving as Pages alongside Senators and elected public officials. Their visit included a special dinner with the esteemed Senator Vivian Figures, as well as visited with Governor Kay Ivey.  They experienced bills being presented and adopted and  attended committee meetings.  At LWCC Kingdom Academy, we are committed to training tomorrow's leaders to be disciples of Christ, and this experience was invaluable for their growth and development. Thank you all who helped make this trip memorable. 


Our recent Black History Multi-Cultural Program was a beautiful event that showcased the talents and creativity of our students. By honoring Black History heroes, they learned about the rich cultural heritage of the African American community, and celebrated the contributions that black leaders have made to society. 

On The Cover!

We are excited to announced that the LWCC Kingdom Academy has been featured on the cover of the 2024 Education Issue & Private School Guide for Mobile Bay Parents with our very own Student Government Council President, Weldon Roundtree!  Make sure to pick up a copy - you may very well find your child within the pages as well!

KA Alumni Assoc Induction 

Congratulations to our 8th Grade students who have been inducted into the LWCC Kingdom Academy Alumni Association.  The LWCCKA is dedicated in Training Tomorrow's Leaders to be Disciples of Christ.  We are proud of our alumni, who continue to provide recognition, leadership, and service, upholding the light of the Kingdom Academy. Our alumni have gone on to achieve great success in various fields, using the education and training they received at the academy as a foundation. We are excited for the opportunities being made available and the demonstration of determination shown in each student. 

Joshua Watoto Sponsor 1.jpg
Katrina Watoto Sponsor 2.jpg
Watoto children, Katrina & Joshua in Uganda.

At LWCC Kingdom Academy, We were thrilled to host a special visit with the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda, Africa.  As a school community, we recently announced our sponsorship of two students in Uganda, Joshua & Katrina.  As a collaborative effort of compassion, the LWCC Kingdom Academy students are corresponding collectively to our new sponsored students.  $38 a month per child, has provided food, clothing, medical care, education and a safe place Joshua & Katrina can call home.  We have been witnessing our KA Students demonstrate hearts of compassion with their willingness by donating daily to their jar with coins and funds full with hearts of generosity and kindness.  We thank you for your encouragement in building selfless hearts in the students and the opportunity to help improve the lives of Joshua & Katrina while being raised in the Watoto orphanages in Kampala, Uganda.

Upcoming Events

Please check with the main office for any events not listed.
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