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Enhancing My Writing Skills

This year, 2024, I would like to continue to improve my writing skills through the writing process.

  1. Plan: Get ready to write.

  2. Draft: Write your ideas in sentences.

  3. Revise: Improve your writing.

  4. Proofread: Find and correct mistakes in your writing.

  5. Publish: Share your writing with someone.

By improving my writing skills this year, it will help me in all my subjects at school, and in aspects  of my life, such as:

  1. Improved clarity: I think Proper planning helps me organize my thoughts and ideas, making it easy for my readers to understand my message. This ensures that my  writing is clear, concise, and easy to follow.

  2. Enhanced Coherence: Planning my writing skills also helps me establish a logical flow of ideas, ensuring that my writing remains coherent and engaging. This makes it easier for my readers to follow my arguments and ideas.

I'm going to put forth all the effort that I can to make it happen.

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