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A Heart Filled With Wonder!

During this Christmas time, my heart is filled with many thoughts. I see the days rapidly approaching leading into a new year and I am reminded of Luke 2:19 "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." A heart is filled with many treasures, many thoughts, many desires and many wonders. What may have been the countless treasures in Mary's heart? What did she ponder in the recesses of what is considered the main pumping station of our being, the heart? Were there any concerns for the future? Any hopes? Dreams? Where did her imagination take her that a verse in the Bible is dedicated to her thoughts, her heart? While the Christmas song "Mary Did You Know" echoes these sentiments, I contemplate on the treasures within my own heart.

Life's experiences shape responses, prompting actions. May our hearts be filled with so much wonder that we not forget the awe and reverence of the wonder in the miracle of a child being born. Let us embrace the Christmas wonder as we step into the unknown of a new year, facing moments of fear with the assurance that perfect Love casts out all fear. May we not lose ourselves in darkness because the Light won't let us forget the path. May our heart be flooded as the light continues to beam brightly within. May you find moments to be still and know, I AM. You are filled with beautiful treasures. Ponder on the goodness of the Lord and may the pondering keep your heart pumping for more! A heart filled with wonder, is a heart filled with worship. ❤️

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